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Your Project is Our Business

Our Custom Home Process

While your custom home will be a unique, one of a kind creation, the process used to construct it is not.  While we are constantly working to improve the process, the basics remain the same.

Initial Planning Meetings:

During the initial planning meetings, we will discuss the steps involved to build a custom home.  At the same time, we will gather as much information as possible regarding your needs and desires in a home, as well as budgetary parameters. This information will help us in providing you will sample plans and finishes.

Lot Selection:

Whether you own a lot, or require the assistance in finding a suitable lot, we have a network of realtors, surveyors and engineers to aid in the lot selection process.

Architectural Plans:

You can select from stock plans, our custom plans, or work with our architect to design one from scratch. Regardless of where you start, our network of architects will work with you to customize the home to fit your needs and budget.

Finish Selections:

With the architectural plans complete or near completion, we will begin to make finish selections.  During this time, we will begin the process of turning your house plan into your unique home.  Exterior items such as brick, siding and roofing materials will be discussed and selected.  Interior items such as cabinetry, granite, flooring and trim will be chosen. 

Proposal Presentation:

When the architectural plans and finish selections are complete, we will prepare a proposal for your custom home.  Our proposal outlines each aspect of the home in great detail, including all finish selection allowances.  Our proposal pricing includes all costs necessary to complete the construction of your home.  This includes  permitting, demolition ( if needed)  and construction.  Once approved, the proposal is placed into our standard contract and prepared for execution. 

Custom Home Construction:

Immediately following the execution of the contract, we will begin the process of building your new home.  All permits will be obtained and the site will be prepared for construction.  Your home will be built with strict adherence to the architectural plans and contract specifications.  We encourage you to visit the site as often as possible, and conduct walkthroughs at every stage of construction.  This ensures that you are satisfied with the progress, and provides you the opportunity to make changes if necessary.  In addition to the regularly schedule walkthroughs, we will conduct a final walkthrough when the home is ready for move-in. 


We are very proud of our work, and back it up with a comprehensive warranty program.  We provide you with a 2-10 Warranty through the Home Buyers Warranty program.  This includes one year of materials and workmanship coverage, designed by the Greater Chicago Homebuilders Association.  We will conduct a thorough walkthrough three and eleven months after closing, to address any necessary issues. In addition to your one year materials and workmanship coverage, your systems are covered for two years, and the structure is covered for ten years.