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Exterior & Interior Renovation of a Three Story Home in Elmhurst, Illinois  

Exterior & Interior Renovation of a Three Story Home in Elmhurst, Illinois  


In order to make the remodeling process run smoothly and efficiently, we follow a simple process that helps makes the process enjoyable for our clients. While your remodeling project will be a unique, one of a kind creation, the process used to complete it is not.  While we are constantly working to improve the process, the basics remain the same.

Initial Review Meeting:

During the initial review meeting, we will discuss your remodeling project and get an overview of what will be involved.  We will discuss any challenges the project poses, and get an idea of design, finish level and budget.

Initial Proposal:

After our initial meeting, we will review the information gathered and prepare a budgetary estimate for the project.  With the information gathered in our meeting, we will work with vendors and contractors to provide an initial estimate for your review. 

Specifications and Contract Preparation:

Upon acceptance of the initial budgetary proposal, we will begin working to finalize the plans, specifications, allowances, schedule and a final contract.  Upon completion, we will provide a formal contract for your project. 


Upon acceptance of the contract, we will schedule a start for your project.  Prior to starting, we establish daily work hours and access controls, and schedule appropriate times for interruptions to utilities, and all employees and contractors are informed of these project guidelines.  While dust, utility interruptions and an overall impact on your day to day living are inherent to the remodeling process, we do our best to minimize the effects as much as possible.

Throughout the project, we will maintain constant communication and conduct regular walkthroughs to ensure the project proceeds smoothly. 

Final Walkthrough:

Upon completion of the project, we will conduct a walkthrough to ensure the result meets all expectations.  We will also provide information with regards to regular maintenance, product warranties and other information pertinent to your specific project.  If necessary, we schedule a time for our cleaning crew to perform a final, detailed cleaning of your home, so you can enjoy using your new space.


We are very proud of our work, and back it up with a comprehensive warranty program.  We provide you with a twelve month warranty, covering all materials and workmanship.